Product Update - 07/10/2023

Hi everyone - we skipped a few of these, but we’re back! Here are the releases from the last 2 weeks.

Release Update - July 10, 2023

:tada: **New + Improvements:**:tada:

  • New Documentation: We have released new documentation here: The documentation is open-source on Github, so if there’s anything missing, you can even add it yourself so it improves faster! We hope that this becomes a community resource for knowledge that can help all creators.
  • Entity placement: You can now place entities directly on the map. Open the Entities workspace and choose an entity, then place it on the map. Switch to the Cursor tool and resize the entity by dragging the corners
  • Editor UI changes: The window sizes of the Entities workspace has been increased by default and the Entity list sidebar now extends across the height of the screen.
  • Notifications in report tab when there are new errors
  • Improved some mobile rendering issues
  • Prompt to save changes in scripting to prevent losing updates
  • Users can now view open-source game code
  • Fixed gaps showing between tiles on maps and some pixel bleeding issues
  • Follow back option for users
  • Added teleport entity to position action. This teleports a unit with instant camera movement

:bug:**Bug fixes:**:bug:

  • Issue where a game was having publishing and startup issues
  • Rotate entity was not working for some actions
  • Filling large area with bucket tool crashed the editor
  • Sounds could not be uploaded
  • Clicking on Game Settings opened the Entities tab
  • Action parameters were not showing the proper value
  • Scrollbar was missing in some places in the editor
  • Deleting player type didn’t delete player type
  • Issue where could not create a new action
  • make {entity} select inventory slot {number} did not work
  • destroy projectile action did not work

I don’t know how bugs get into games.