Learn how to use the Moddio Editor to create amazing games with our Modd multiplayer game engine.
Our variety of guides will help beginners and professionals alike get started!

  1. Game Editor Overview

    Get an overview of the Moddio In-Game Editor sections. Explains the map editor and entity editor, shows how to republish games.

  2. Creating Fists for Our Unit

    Learn how to easily create melee weapons!

  3. Spawning Trees and Gathering Wood

    Learn how to spawn trees with collectable wood!

  4. Creating Moving Bunnies

    Learn how to create AI units that move on their own!

  5. Hunting the Bunnies

    Learn how to make units huntable via attribute triggers!

  6. Map editing using Tiled

  7. Basic Game Timer

  8. Fix Held Item Distance

  9. Display Player Count in Leaderboard

  10. Mouse Cursor Teleport

  11. Creating an Admin Shop

  12. Creating Tower Defense Game Turrets

  13. Making a Portal Gun

  14. Displaying Player Attributes in Nametag

  15. Sending join & leave messages

  16. Making a Poison Weapon

  17. Mute Gun

  18. Unmute, Kick and Clone Gun

  19. Auto Clicker Item

  20. Environments 101